The Company is set up in 1994 and from the start has been involved in international trade activities, developed vast trade experience in various product categories and a wide range of countries all over the world. Our speciality is wholesale exports of luxury British food products.

 AOL is not a transport company or a logistics agent.

Our mission is to ensure easy access of the buyers all over the world to speciality food products from Britain, including organic food.  

Our expertise covers the whole route of a product from the supplier’s warehouse to the shelf of the retailer:
- deep monitoring of the luxury food market in Britain
- close links with British suppliers, including dealership for exports
- years of experience in issuing documentation for exports from EC, including documentation required for certification / licensing in the country of the buyer
- logistics coordination and reliability of transportation.

The area of our expertise forms the basis of our services.



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  • 20 years in international trade and logistics
  • individual approach to each customer
  • passionate about meeting obligations
  • best service in wholesale trade sector
  • unique offers of British premium quality products not previously available in your market


Established in 1994 we have been for 20 years accumulating experience and polishing the technology of wholesale international trade. The world has changed, the trade has changed. The taste for new food products is wiping out country borders and demand for the British speciality and organic food has never been stronger. Today AOL is the best service provider of its kind, market leader in supplying luxury food products from Britain to countries all over the world.